Based on the physics department of National Tsing Hua University (NTHU), the center for quantum technology is formed by 50 members across departments and universities in Taiwan. The mission of the center is to develop core techniques and cultivate talents in quantum technology so that Taiwan can participate the second quantum revolution and develop its international competitiveness. On the technique side, by integrating the current technique advantage in ultracold atoms/photon systems of the AMO group in NTHU with the Condensed Matter Physics group that has excellent research experience in the development of solid-state materials in the past, the center is aiming to develop the core technique needed to realize the quantum computer and quantum communication. Four subjects will be developed through 4 subprojects: (1) Realization, manipulation and computation of quantum bit: processing and development of superconducting qubits, quantum simulation using superconducting qubits. (2) Quantum communication: establish quantum communication network and test platform for quantum key distribution, develop single photon and entangled photon sources, and develop related technique (such as quantum memory) for quantum repeater. (3) Quantum metrology and simulation: generation of squeezed light and develop continuous variable qubit, quantum simulations based on ultra cold atoms (Rydberg atoms and etc), precision measurement and quantum metrology. (4) Quantum materials: develop quantum materials that can potentially host qubit, develop topological materials that can host Majorana Fermions, and develop Majorana Fermion based topological qubit.